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Course Attendance DOES NOT guarantee that it is safe for your child to stay home alone. California does not have a specific law about age requirements for when it is legally permitted to leave a minor alone. Parents must decide on a case-by-case basis what is best for their child

Safety Matters Certified Training

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A Comprehensive Safety Program That Prepare Children to Stay Home Alone

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Every parent eventually faces the decision to leave his or her child home alone for the first time.

Why not empower children aged 9 – 12 with confidence and skills to care for themselves when on their own at home!   This is a comprehensive safety and life skills course that teaches kids about street smarts, people awareness, home alone routines, house rules, expectations, siblings & getting along, homework, safe snacking, strangers at the door, package deliveries, internet safety, fire safety and general first aid.  Parents are provided with a step by step guide to help them prepare their children for independence.

 $55 Per student or $99 for 2 Sibs/BFFs attending the same class date